Tesla Charge Port

Tesla Charge Port

One of our favorite projects has been integrating a Tesla Charge port (NACS) into the fuel door of a Jaguar E-Type.

The light turns on white when the fuel door is opened.

A functioning latch on the vehicle side is essential for safety. When the charge handle is plugged in, the vehicle activates the latch and the light turns to blue. 

The light pulses green while charging and goes to solid green when charging is complete. 

If the latch fails to close for any reason (charge handle isn't inserted all the way, damaged charge handle, dirt in handle...) The light goes to amber to signal the user of the issue.

Our custom made Charge Port ECU manages the latch actuator and color of the charge port.  


When the button on the Tesla charge handle is pressed, the charger is commanded to stop charging and the light goes to blue (latched). Once charging fully stops, the light turns white and the latch opens.


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