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Get your EV tuned up

General Vehicle Maintenance

Set up an appointment today to have your EV checked out by one of our professional technicians. We offer EV diagnostic services, brake services, heating and air conditioning work, and more.

Have something special?

Unique Vehicle Repairs

No project is too unique for EV works. With reverse engineering skills and extensive vehicle design knowledge, we are happy to take a look at your oddball vehicle.

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Tesla needs a tune up?

Tesla Service

Bring us your Tesla repair needs! We have technicians specilizing in Tesla repair work, and OEM tools/manuals directly from Tesla. Trust us to get your vehicle repaired the right way, and sooner than Tesla can.

nissan powertrain

Curious about your leaf health?

Leaf Battery Diagnostics

Bring in your Nissan Leaf and we can run some diagnostics to produce a report on the status of your battery pack. The report covers pack state of health, capacity, usable range, and can even help uncover some information about the history of the battery pack. (We can also run these diagnostics for you if you are buying a used Leaf!)

nissan leaf battery modules

Nissan Leaf Battery Specialists

Leaf Battery Upgrades & Repairs

Refresh your old Nissan's battery pack and increase your vehicle's range with our pack replacement service. We can swap in a pack from another vehicle, or source an entirely new battery pack from our aftermarket suppliers.

Range upgrades can get your Leaf up to 200 miles of effective range!

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ASE Certified Excellence: Our shop proudly holds ASE certification, ensuring top-notch expertise and quality service. Trust us for reliable automotive solutions backed by industry-standard excellence.

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