EV Works Electric Promaster Van

Electric Promaster conversions

EV works is now offering electric conversions for Promaster vans using Maxwell kits! These electric Promaster vans have proven their utility, actively being used by a number of our customers. Whether you're looking for dependable around town zero-emissions delivery, or a quiet ride camper van, we've got you covered.

These conversions utilize battery cells and drive units from Tesla, which means they have plenty of power for all of your hauling needs!

Check out e-fleet.com to use our electric vehicles for your delivery logistic needs, and pacwesty.com if you would like to take one of our camper vans for a spin!


Our vans in use by our various customers:

custom electric van


University District Food Bank

Electric promaster running deliveries for food bank


Town & Country

Promster van outside town and country market



Electric van in use by PacWesty
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